You can possibly love twice and win at life ❤️

The last 10+ days it’s Been pouring rain and almost winter like weather up here, still not complaining, I think it’s super cozy to chill inside and not to forget to mention the fireplace. Yep!

We lit up the fireplace in JULY! Can you imagine? We had lows of 6c degrees at night. It’s been crispy! But so nice! And I’ve worn “winter jackets cus .. cold!!) and I love winter jackets and jackets in general 😌

I’ve caught up on Netflix shows and I have visited my late grandfathers girlfriend (I don’t think I’ll call her grandmother but you get the picture) she is so sweet and I really admired them, that the two of them lost their other half before they met, but were able to find each other later In life and allow love blossom again.

I have these great memories of my grandfather and her acting like young teenagers and being all giggly and bushy in the face when they look at each other. I don’t think it’s easy to find love again after you are heartbroken and grieving the loss of your spouse. But they did and I think it’s beautiful just that on it’s own.

This is what I want for everyone, you should experience a love like that at least once and if you can have it twice and find love again at 80+ you most definitely win at life ❤️

I mean.. look at them ❤️

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