Hatta ❤️

Way overdue and not a single regret! The only regret I have about this is not doing this sooner! It was just great to take a day and get out of dubai and skyscrapers and into the land of nature that we have here! And mountains!! Small mountains… but still.

It’s not everyday you see mountains here! just sand and miles of water and skyscrapers! It was such a wellness trip for the mind and just to do something else!

We ended up at Hatta Dam! The water is so green it looks like it’s fresh out of a Disney movie! And you can rent water bikes, kayaks and other water things there for you to enjoy! They also have multiple hiking routes you can choose from and even mountain biking options!

There are so many things to do in Hatta if you really appreciate the nature and I can really see the government/ tourist department here really focusing on getting more people there these days!

HATTA IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL and you will see that if you just go there to explore it one day!

You can even spend the night there in one of the lodges or other others in hatta that are may hi g with the nature trips and such. Make it an explorer tour and do it all! At least once! It’s about 1h 30 mins drive from dubai and it’s so worth it! There is also possibilities for going horse riding near the hatta Dam!

So what are you waiting for? There is plenty of things to do!

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