Laser Tattoo Removal

I´ve completed my 3rd session with Dr. Amira at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and the new “Asclepion laser- q switched laser “

I can tell you this, Removing tattoos are no joke, it hurts its bloody and it takes time. The first session i ever had, I literally thought i was gonna pass out. The adrenaline in the body and the pain levels are something else.. But the good news are, it just gets better after every time. (pain levels that is) and with this new laser technique you dont have to sit for 8-12 sessions for it all to disappear.

I will have one last treatment of the laser and it will be completely gone. the picture above are is the results only after one treatment.

you can find more info here –> DUBAI COSMETIC SURGERY och telefon : +97143485575

Ask for Dr. Amira or Dr. Lola.

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