Meet the boys

Meet Marley and Rosco. I’ve had Rosco for about 6 years now, he is my boy! had him since he was a puppy, and Marley came in to our lives in september 2018.(he is adopted and we think he is about 3 years old)

He is such a magnificent boy, we adopted him from Apparently he was left by himself last Ramadan, without anyone to care for him and his family never came back. (horrible and makes me so angry) has had some difficulties relocating him as he is a very misunderstood dog. But now he is doing great with us and he is such a gem and makes us happy every day. He is a very vocal and big boy. I get it that dogs can be misunderstood, but don’t get a dog if you’re not prepared to get to know it and take care of it properly. They deserve better than that, after all, they are our angels.

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