For the love of Horses

I’ve got some friends from Sweden living here in Dubai as well and they have the most amazing horses. I love riding with them. Also, I can’t even think of all the times I’ve fallen off a horse in my life , it’s almost like it’s obligatory for me to fall off the horse the first time I meet . Probably mostly because the first times I’m nervous about falling off in the first place.

But after that phase we are the best of friends and really bond a lot. It’s really something soothing, almost like a meditation where you have peace of mind and quiet, just you and your thoughts and the horse in the wind. Personally this is what makes you addicted to horseriding because it gives you such peace of mind that is absolutely wonderful .

I appreciate my friends so much that they bear with me, they are super advanced riders, and I always asked for the slow and old horse but this time round they gave me a young Arabian stallion that was wild at heart and a little bit crazy but we get along just fine and I actually became pretty Skilled with my riding from that day 🙂

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