Shamma Clinic -Spider Vein treatment

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Asad Shamma from Shamma clinic. He specializes in vascular surgery and the treatment of spider -veins among other things. He is the man behind the spider vein treatment sincw day one ans has implemented this in Dubai and is one out of two clinics here that offers this treatment. It was something I have been wanting to try for quite some bit and it’s juat amazing that there is research and medical solutions to these things in our every day life.

The treatment is more or less pain free (a little pinch from the needle is all, but nothing you can’t handle)

what it does is that the substance is injected into the veins and the supplier veins that makes these veins appear and blocks the veins from appearing in the future. Usually you might need 1-2 maybe 3 treatments with 10 days rest in between. And the results are permanent.

Of course if its a big big problem for you with the spider veins and you have them removed , sometimes your body will find a way to create new ones. I guess that is part of being human. How ever, it’s a nice solution for people who are concerned about their spider veins. And you can keep it more or less in check.

Spider veins is usually genetically inherited, can appear easily if you take hormone supplies, are pregnant or if you are having a lifestyle where you stand up a lot for long hours .

Check my video here to see my visit at shamma clinic .

and you can find them on Instagram @shammaclinic


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