The shift and personal empowerment

I’m thrilled , i can’t believe how fast this year has gone already! Have you guys noticed the shift yet? This incredible strong feeling of empowerment and positivity?

For me It was literally on New Years eve, this incredible force of positivity and empowering energy came hovering all over us (at least some or it feels like more and more people are getting switched on). It was almost like all the light and love within me suddenly made full sense and everything I’ve been thinking and my feelings became one and connected to all this amazing energy I’ve always felt I had within me.

Literally such a strong connection to my Higher self, it’s like parts of my soul was Speaking to me and almost as it was confirming all the things I’ve ever thought about anything and it’s connections and the universe. It was crazy! It still is !

Imagine all the Years you ever spent listening to your inner self ? Or highest self if you like to say it like that instead, and knowing the difference between intuition and your thoughts as you.. and all you felt in your gut and thoughts that you ever had about anything. It literally all made sense and it all came together. Almost as if everything that has happened in my life has happened for a reason and it’s been so many signs on this specific topic confronting me all my life, stuff that has always been there. And I have refused to see them or to even acknowledge that they were there.

I literally refused to believe in anything. Every time someone threw some hints my way or I was seeking some sort of explanation for some things , weird stuff happened or whatever. I refused to let it sink in, I refused to listen and I refused to want anything to do with it. I’ve even had people telling me the weirdest of things (like I have turned my chakra upside down) and I have brushed it off and ignored. It’s almot funny when I look back at things now and a period of my life and to see where I am now….Are you confused yet?

I can’t really describe it with other words right now, but all I know is that it’s going in the right way and I am just amazed that it has taken me a good 30 years in my life to figure out where I am heading. I’ve never felt as strong as I feel now and this realization of empowerment and good intuition and energy is everywhere.

Have you felt it yet? And what was your experience ?

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