Stretch mark treatment with Dr.Wissam Bawab.

Last week I went to see Dr.Bawab at Champs Elysees Clinic, for a stretch mark treatment on the chest. Stretch marks aren’t that big of a deal for most, and most of us have them from puberty, growth, pregnancy, hormones , work outs, etc etc. And I thought it be a great thing to feature this right here so you could read all about it.

The treatment takes about 15-25-30 minutes depending on how large the area is that needs to be treated. The purpose is to fill in the surface of the skin where the stretch marks are appearing so that it don’t appear as obvious anymore. There are other ways to fade stretch marks for example (if they are red) with lasers and creams. But stretch marks on its own will never really go fully away. So we will change the appearance of the deep stretch marks so they don’t appear so easily anymore.

The procedure is not painful at all, and the results lasts a good few months . You will be a little red after the treatment but this will go away after a day or 2, and zero downtime.

If you have deep stretch marks that bothers you, I can gladly recommend this treatment and the guys at Champs Elysees Clinic always welcome you with a smile and great care!

Book your appointment today : (04)348 8160


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