When you can’t cut your dogs nails.

I know it can be so stressful and difficult for both owners and the dog when the dog is scared and had bad experiences when it comes down to nail clipping. And literally , with Marley it was not any different.

With all my dogs throughout my life I have gotten them used to the clippers from an early age and cutting nails as a routine every week. But with Marley it was different as he is adopted and has not had such a great start to his life. He was not feeling safe and secure and he didn’t even allow anyone to even touch his paws. He would snap, bite, growl. Aggressively. It is definitely a situation you wanna avoid .1) formyour own safety that you don’t get bitten and 2) for the dogs safety as well.

I don’t know what has happened to Marley in the past, but he has a burn /scar on his back legs… his paws were sore and pink and swollen when he first joined the family. And it has taken 9 months to get him used and ok with me only touching his paws.

And i mean it, I tried everything from positive encountering, to tricks and treats , cutting his nails one by one in his sleep, name it and I’ve done it . And nothing was acceptable by him, poor baby. So we decided that we had to take him to the vet and sedate him so they can cut his nails properly . (Prior to this we also tried taking him to the groomers where they could cut them for us professionally, but they put a mullet on him and he still snapped and ended up biting the Groomer. It was not a pleasant situation for dog And humans)

anyways. The vet did an excellent job and cut his nails. But the downside with giving the dogs a sedative to cut nails is that it takes time for them to snap out of it. Marley was dizzy and scared and disoriented a few hours after . The next Day he was fine. But it’s hard to see your loved pets in distress and I really hope he will come around soon and allow me to cut his nails myself.


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