Are you in a Toxic circle in your life ?

well well well, glad you could join in on this little pep talk reading. So I wanna know, Have you ever composed a lie about yourself and told it to a few people you think you are close to just to see how long it would take for the “news” to pop out and to figure out who in your circle that was leaking?

Well, I have. And I can tell you this, it worked. Just wanted to bring it up , it might not be the best way to go about it for some, it might hurt to find out some stuff, and it might open some doors you think you never will be able to close.

But if you are constantly in a negative needy and toxic group of friends, which btw , that you think has your back, but the moment you turn around or even help them, then they stab you in the back and lie to you , lie to others, and god knows what. Then this is a pretty smooth way of finding out who is the rat in your jungle.

it’s literally like the trash is taking it self out, and this last year has surely been about cleansing the circle and focusing on yourself. Can anyone else feel the change ?

A few more words:

Don’t let them make you in to the bad person because you stand your ground and are no longer serving this dead relationahip/ friendship And don’t entertain the bullshit. Just move on with your life and erase those who don’t value you or respect your friendship from your life. I promise you that things will get better and that their biggest punishment is that they get to be who they are in their same nasty bubble, and you get to evolve And rise above it. Be better. And don’t waste your time on people who just consume you and suck your energy.

Don’t participate in slander and gossiping about people you don’t know or people who isn’t there to defend themselves. Actually just overall just stay away from negative people and their bad vibrations.

Be better than them. Stand up for yourself . Be you. It’s time that you start living your truth.

And it’s easy to do that once you get on the right path and align yourself with people who are go getters, who wish you well and who truly wants to see you succeed. it’s not the quantity that matters. It’s the quality. And that is eventually what lasts in the long run.

Don’t let anyone bring you down Girl! or use you. (I have been fucked and used by friends and boyfriends of my past and I am telling you) You don’t have to feel like you need to save everyone. You can’t save everyone. You can’t be everything to everyone.

You are the driver of your life. So make it count and make the best of it!

You are the boss of you. It’s time you start living And you don’t owe shit or explanations to anyone.

Remember that!


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