I miss you.

It helps to talk to them when we miss someone that are no longer with us. And i thought I’d share this with you guys.

In a few days it will be one year since you left us. I know you are in a much better place now and at peace and your beautiful soul has served it’s purpose in this lifetime. I miss you so much and I know you are still with us in spirit. I am ok with you leaving us. It was so painful to see you in so much pain. But I am so grateful for the last days we had together and that we got to say goodbye. I know you were not alone when you left us. I know that she was there to bring you home, back to the universe.

Thank you for being the best grandfather to me. For being the strongest and wisest. Thank you for showing me love and for my beautiful childhood and always making me feel safe, strong and loved.

I miss you a lot lot and I think about you all the time. Everyone misses you so much.

And I think when someone we love passes away , Or moves on to the next life purpose, they still leave bits of themselves within the people left behind. I think all those pieces should be beautiful and kept beautifully Within our hearts.

I used to be scared of death and dying. But i have come to peace with death as a natural way of life and we are all going to pass on some day. It used to scare me so much. But now, I think is a beautiful way of life because our souls are infinite and will always be there. It’s just our body right now in this moment that we are in 3D. We will always be there. We will always exist as energy. Energy doesn’t disappear or die. And I find some sort of what acceptance and comfort in this. That we are always there. We are infinite Beings of light and love.

I miss him so much and I think about him a lot. And I know he is better now. And he is with us. Every day. And that gives me peace. And that is ok.

I think everyone should write a letter to their loved ones. Update them on what’s going on. Let go and remember the good times. It’s sooooo good for your heart and soul to remember them.


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