Mark Crown AKA king Crownie.

My brother Fred from another mother in a norway runs Flow DXB woth his team and this past Sunday they had their weekly event at a Armani Club in Dubai and of course I had to be there.

Their special guest was Mark Crown, AKA king Crownie , you might have heard his song going off the charts the past weeks (rudimental- feel the love)

it was soo good, and Ladies, just FYI, every sunday Armani opens the bara for ladies so you have a free bar all night. So if you don’t have an early morning monday to attend to then this is your spot! Buys , there is a 100AED Entrh charge . But the place is boomjng, the music is good (it’s hip-hop -r’n’b all they way mama.

Definitely value for your money!

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