Lady Fozaza

I cannot believe I ran I to this gorgeous woman! I really adore her so much and she is really my number 1 fashion inspiration in the UAE. Fozaza! She is a tv anchor at MBC and also has her own fashion label “lady Fozaza” super stylish blazer jackets and more. Anyhows. Just wanted to share the love because it’s super rare that people are this gorgeous and so humble and has such a warm and kind heart!

You can really tell that there is so much more other than looks in this person and her enegry is just so glowing. I told her I probably sounded stalker -ish and I was awkward. She told me not to worry , Haha, it caught me completely off guard and I never get star struck but if I can ever idolize anyone it would be her. And I mean that. Xxx

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