Dubai in my Heart

One of my favorite things about Dubai is that it can be any day of the week , ANY! And it’s life everywhere! Every day has a signature somewhere. And it’s the beauty of it, that when you get restless like I do, most of the time, I can’t sit on my ass and sleep the day away, I need to fill it with things to do, and see my friends and go to work and walk the dogs and yes I can chill at home too, but not every day. I will lose my shit if I would spend every afternoon and evening at home on the sofa.

it’s just who I am. I come to life at night , I wake up early . I do both! I sleep about 6h average every night, I like to sleep un-disturbed because I am having serious problems falling asleep but if I am asleep, then for Gods sake don’t wake me up. Let me sleep. Because unlike others, I am not able to nap or sleep in the middle of the day or evening or night. I sleep when I go to bed for the night and that’s it. can anyone relate ?

so yes, I love this city because it matches my lifestyle and I love to be out and about! It is perfect and I am so lucky to have been here for 10 years now. One of the best cities in the world!

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