The face formula 10.0.6

Everyone knows that a good face wash takes you a long way, but a nice moisturizer and over night mask takes you further. My face drinks moisturizers and in a hectic day to day basis , I love to start my day with a shower, face wash and a toner . It’s so important that we keep our skin clean between makeup Sessions 😉 and the formula products are lean and soft and , this far as least, keeps their promises. I am in love With the over night mask to calm blemishes and stressed skin. I wear a lot of makeup from time to time and I love to come home and wash my face and do a cleansing of the skin every evening. These products are my favorites at the time. they come in so many different formats and variants for any skin type. The price is a YES all the way and you can find them in your local beauty store .

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