It’s Thursday !!

The weekend has come around again and this past week just spun by so fast I didn’t even feel it! There are so many event today, tomorrow . The day after . Openings of new venues. Dubai Art flair , art nights in DIFC is coming in the week and there is the Dua Lipa concert at the Pointe and I have lots of work with 3BK and on top of that I have 2 groups of my VVIP friends from norway visiting Dubai for the weekend and one of them I haven’t seen since we used to work together at Tiger Tiger in Oslo in the good old days back then! She has come so far ! she is a published author and she worked with television when I did and also she moved to LA and released an album. Do you know who I am talking about ? Comment below who you think it Is and I will reveal it tomorrow !! Love !!

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