Rock out and Rock Hard

Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and live your best life and not worry so much about what other people say or do. at the end of the day what matters is that you’re happy and you don’t depend on anyone else to make you happy or to Determent how you should feel. it’s important that you can recognize the Feelings you have when you’re with people. ask yourself this next time , what do I feel when I’m with these people. Am I stressed, do I worry? Do I feel at ease or am I walking on eggshells. definitley the “eggshell” people are people you need to eliminate from your life in 2020. Make that a promise to yourself. You’re not here to please any of those people anyways and you are hurting yourself more by sticking around for those people who doesn’t value you.

you’ll see once you stop doing random shit for people who expect the world from you, you’ll see who is sticking around. The world is shallow like that.

You go girl!!

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