Karkafi Hair Fix

Ok ladies ! We all know that hair extensions are a effing hassle .. the maintenance of it all and none the less it’s expensive Zzz …

however .. Karkafi hair (and I’ve done a lot of research so correct me if I am wrong) is the best and most fair price on the market for hair extensions. They have branches all over the gcc and in the Uae several locations. You literally pay for the hair and the installment comes with the price . No extra hidden fees. And to remove them a few months later is 150 dhs and then heres the best part!!!

If your hair is still in good condition they have a service where they fix them up again (with keratin, glue or tape ) for whatever extensions are best for you. I’m in awe! It’s so good that they can do this. That means that whenever you buy your hair there it’s an investment and you can keep re-using it over and over again!

How amazing is that!!

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