It’s time for you

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Just a few quick words, darlings, stop worrying so much, try and solve one thing at a time, and remember that you can’t fix anyone who doesn’t want to be fixed and you can’t force feelings either. and you’re definitely not the solution to everyone’s problem. its ok to say no because you don’t feel like it and it’s ok to cleanse your space and be without negative people and vibes around you. It’s ok to protect your space and actually it’s ok to turn your phone off for a day just because you don’t wanna deal with everyone once in a while. but get this. You will be ok and everything will fall into place and you will most definitely outshine everyone who ever doubted you or ever spoke a nasty word behind your back. And that my friend is the truth. You’ll see. Keep going . Do your thing. Everything is gonna be ok.

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