Cove beach Baby

I mean. Im not gonna lie … beach life is Always better. When you have a nice beach to do beach life on. Cove beach is located at ceasars bluewaters.. if you live downtown then just be prepared for the ride as it’s faaaaar and when you get there you expect some wow factor… and I didn’t get the wow factor. It was a boring beach and they downgraded themselves so much. COVE BEACH used to be one of the better beach clubs in dubai with luxury sun beds that were big, soft and comfy…. bit they changed their nice sunbeds for camping equipment sunbeds that looks like mosquito netting… on a scale from 1-10 , they new cove beach scores a 1…. I expected more. Maybe that was silly of me or maybe I got spoiled in dubai in general. But it was a big disappointment about the sunbeds… other than that… it was just a beach. on a weekend you pay 300 dhs and you get 150 dhs to redeem in food and drinks.. it’s a good place if you have kids …

food is also ok. Music was good too. Just the sunbeds that was a bit sad.

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