Happy Women’s Day

Seriousky It’s a shame that we need one day to aknowledge how far we’ve come as women in the world and it’s sad that still there are countries and cultures where women don’t have equal rights and so on, but I think it’s important that we keep growing and keep pushing for what is right, and we can celebrate all the milestones we have accomplished together since the beginning of the battle women has fought for equal rights and keep reminding and showing up for the next generation and the generations after that. No one is worth more than any other. A body and a soul is just that . A body and a soul regardless of gender. so here’s to all the women in the world and the strong amazing women in my life who has kept filling my days and life with strong and great energy!

May we stand our ground, rise and lift each other up, be supportive, teach our daughters what we know And tell them that they can be anything.

Teach our sons to be humble and respectful yet caring. May we discourage jealousy and empower one another, teach friendship and kindness . To listen and to learn, to speak and not yell, to communicate and teach love and not hate. May we set good examples for our next generation every day and not only today! Happy woman’s day ❤️

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