Alice Lounge, Monday is her day!

Spent a spectacular evening at Alice lounge this evening with friends and good food. We had too much food, but out of all the things we ate I can recommend the “sweet salmon“ , it has these black crispy rice poppers on it so it’s a heavenly experience when you’re eating it and so fresh and yummy. Totally out of the ordinary!

And Not to mention, the entertainment. it’s literally like you have entered Alice’s world in wonderland and it’s loads of fun! they also have an amazing singer that woth her voice gives you goosebumps up your spine! She is so good!

Their best nights are : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! Located at Sheraton grand – sheikh zayed road.

You can also get special deals for 3 course dinners and set menus on the days depending on what day. Starts from 149- 260-450 AED Pr. Person. (T&C apply)

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