SKIN and Beauty!! Let’s talk about Clinique ID!!

I’ve always been crazy about Clinique’s products, and these babies are the new twist on the market. Basically you can build your own facial moisturizer infused with a special serum that is tailored for your skin. It’s an upgrade from the previous basic moisturizer who by the way- always has been amazing. At least for my skin.

Now darlings, here’s the breakdown .

First you chose your base, you can choose between two creams (oily and combination skin) , one jelly moisturizer (all skin types ) and one BB cream (for all skin types)

Then you need to choose your serum, now. The serums are made to help improve your skin as a booster to the moisturizer so the combination is that that have a super powered facial cream at the end of the day ! Pretty awesome right ?!

i‘ve chosen the purple serum which is to improve fine lines and wrinkles. (It’s a bit pricey (Around 140-190 AED) but well worth and the packaging is large so it will last you for a long time)

The clear serum is for uneven skin tones , it’s great if you wanna help get an even skin tone all over.

Orange is for fatigue skin (tired and dull skin)

The blue serum is great of you feel that you have large pores and it can help to minimize the pores.

The green serum is to help calm irritated skin. This is great if your skin is super sensitive and gets irritated easily To help reduce redness And keep calm.

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