How are you making the most of the quarantine days ?

How lucky am I? Just when we’re under lockdown in Dubai (as in the rest of the world because of the whole COVID-19 (corona) hysteria.) I’m gifted these products because i loooove my baths And we’re not supposed to leave the house.

How thoughtful. Thank you so much!

This far as being in quarantine we have spent all this time at home, with a few friends and family over, here’s a list over things I’ve done/ will be doing, that you can do at home to kill time as well.

we have been cooking a lot, being super active on social media and updating everything as much as I can, considered opening a YouTube channel, working on my tan, baking, sorting out my whole wardrobe. Sorting clothes for donations, cleaning and dusting the house, getting rid of all clutter, play video games, giving the dogs a bath and home grooming. Gave myself a mani pedi… ordered things online And talking a lot to family and friends abroad. And started a bunch of new shows on Netflix,

How are you guys coping with everything? I hope you’re all keeping the quarantine and not breaking it so we can keep safe and try to end this virus as fast as we can. (remember that some people might not know they are infected and they are fine with no symptoms, but they don’t know that they still might transmit it to someone who are at risk. So please take it seriously and keep yourself safe. Uae caution and mindfulness. Don’t hoarder groceries please, the supplies will still come to the stores, and for your sake and others Wash your hands often with soap and disinfect with alcohol (make sure it has a high alcohol % if you can) ❤️

stay safe everyone and my warm thoughts goes out to everyone affected by this❤️

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