Thoughts of the day!

Spending my mornings tanning in the balcony, and these days were under complete lockdown over here. it’s a bit boring yes but it needs to be done and I wish that all countries would follow these routines from the UAE.

Imagine if we all did that at the same time, how we could flatten the curve together. I’m beyond shocked how Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden aren’t already on lockdown. It sort of Pisses me off a little that most countries are doing what they can and staying inside under quarantine and then some aren’t even making an effort before it‘s too late. it’s like . Helloooo- What is it they’re not understanding? why is it so hard to get the memo and stay home and together we can get over this faster and quicker. ugh..,

you’ll see .. all this quarantining we have done up until now will be for nothing and we will have to stay in quarantine until the rest of the world follows . Only then the curve will flatten and we can see changes. Anyways . Thoughts ?

I hope you’re all staying home and inside . take care of eachother and remember that you can still be sick and have no symptoms. Wash your hands . Don’t hoarder essentials .. and u just keep your mind sane❤️🙏🏼 This too shall pass, it’s just gonna take a while and how long it’s gonna take is really up to us and as soon as we start keeping quarantined and safe the sooner it will be over.

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