Easter chickens and Easter eggs – thank you mom !

My mom is the best! We’re so far away yet we make the best out of the situation as good as we can. These eggs and chickens came straight from Norway, In the cutest little packages. one of the chickens were broken on arrival but hey , I had a glue-gun and I fixed it, Think I wrote a post about it earlier. how ever ! Look how good they look on the table next to the tulips being all Easter -ish! I love the holidays and making the best out of it.

i miss my family so much, especially now. I wish I was in norway with them all right now and that this effing corona virus can die out and pass so we all can move on with our lives. Right now it just feels like the whole world is on pause. It’s driving me nuts. So in all this crazy – it’s nice to have candy from home with me . Thanx to my mom! If you’re reading this mom- I love you loads 🤗 thank you so much!

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