Self check! How much longer can you take it ?

I hope you’re all hanging in there . Don’t give up! I’ve had a rough couple of days where I’ve just felt drained and lost and my only purpose has just been existing and breathing. I just AM. That’s all I feel like right now. It’s tragic. but this quarantine have us all on the edge and patience is really being tested individually for everyone.

Some days I am happy and I start over with great spirit and a good attitude and some days (rarely but it happens) i get drained , sad and hopeless and I see no solution to anything. Just know if you feel like that at any point it’s ok to give yourself a break.

You don’t have to be creative, productive and consistent in a crisis like this because there is only so much you can do and you‘re only human and nobody is expecting anything from you right now other than That we all just help flatten the curve .

I know what it feels like to be feeling trapped at home and suffocating. Just trust me. It will pass. It’s ok to have bad days.

But try and reflect on all the good things you miss that you will appreciate even more now when this is all over, and how much more clarity you will have in terms of what and where you wanna be in your life now. Get your strength from that! Be motivated from yourself and inspire yourself. You got this!

Keep your chin up! Hopefully it’s almost over and we can all enjoy the normal life again.

stay safe , virtual hugs and kisses to all!

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