Arabian Stallion

It’s been a while. were still in a semi/ quarantine – lockdown , I guess you can call that our curfew. We can leave Our houses from 6am- 10pm … soo… that being said it’s still very strict rules. we still practice social distancing. And still have to wear masks and gloves when in public places etc .

But spite all of that we had to go to the stables today. It’s been so long and I have really missed the horses and especially Al Qasr . (In the picture) he doesn’t belong to me but he is the only horse I have put all my trust in and we have built a special bond over the years And I am so grateful for that. Horses are really magnificent and special…and they do indeed have therapeutic powers. Every time I’ve been riding it feels like my head is clear and my body has gone through a cleanse. It’s absolutely magical!

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