I’ll never ever claim that I can bake !

In my family there has been and are so many great cooks. My mom. My dad, my grandmother, grandfather (on both sides) and my aunts as well. and myself , of course 😂 I picked up on cooking very early. And I love it!! and eating.

This pandemic has had me so extremely bored at times . The other day I attempted to bake a lemon cake and lemon cupcakes … to put it like this, it was my first ever attempt… the lemon cupcakes became so dry… they went in the trash and my lemon cake … well,,. It tasted amazing but it looked like a 3 year old had made it. Haha . And of course I’ll share the pics with you! So you can laugh with me.

how ever the flavors were amazing.

this is what it was supposed to look like (but square shape)

This is how it actually looked like :

Now we can laugh together and you can wish me better luck next time. but like they say ; practice makes perfect. Haha .

salute to you all who can bake for real!! Hats off !

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