Spent Eid- Weekend at Al Naseem

It was soooo good to get out and about, feeling the sand between my toes, having hotel breakfast and swimming in the turquoise water of beautiful Jumeirah Al Naseem. (Right in front of Burj Al Arab) beautiful scenery and amazing weekend. We stayed for 2 days.

I paddle surfed for about an hour after breakfast and the sun is so strong now.

I didn’t feel it then, but when I came home and had a shower I could see how burnt I was from the sun. (I was on spf 30 and 50 all day long) somehow I forgot to put protection on my forehead, lips and ears. 🤦🏼‍♀️

and of course there was strict precautions for the Covid -19 preventing spread etc. we took care and were taken well care of. Loved that.

Thank you for this amazing experience! Looking forward to more hotel stays and daycations now!

Apparently that’s the new thing! So cheers for staycations and daycations and let’s be grateful that we can enjoy these things every now and then!


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