5 things I’ve learnt throughout this quarantine so far!

Good morning everyone! It’s the first of June! Can you believe it?? and here we are! I’m very thankful for what we have and that we have been staying safe. of course I am eager to get home to family and hug and see them! I have a feeling that it’ll be a little longer but hey! We made it this far right?

a few things I’ve learned through this quarantine.

1) People will always do what is best for them and you‘ve got to let them. Not saying to hold a grudge. just move on. Those who stay will stay. And those who don’t, let them go. You don’t have to stay for them either.

2) zoom is genious app and I cant believe I didn’t explore that sooner! It’s been a lot easier coming through this far with it than I can’t even imagine how it would have been if we didn’t have this technology so thank you zoom for delivering a good quality product with video calling so good!

3) I’ve learned to accept the situation and not complain so much. I’m grateful for everything I have and whilst dealing with my own problems I try to listen and help others if I can. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you can’t. how ever- you can’t pour from an empty cup..so do you first and then if you feel about it, help others if you can. Especially now. And don’t yell or complain at people for bullshit things. It’s only gonna drag your energy down and the people around you. You’re allowed to have a shitty day. But take it where it belongs and not rant it out on other people you don’t know (like for example in the que at the grocery store) well we all know that stereotype “Karen” … don’t be a “Karen” ok?!

4) patience! lord have mercy on my soul! Haha . I’ve learned to be patient! I’ve been pushed from one corner to another and had to deal with a lot of things I think other would have broken down from Waaaay back!

This has made me wiser and calmer. Because you know what, if you can‘t do anything about it, there is nothing to do. And you just have to make the best out of any situation as best you can. Patience doesn’t make you stupid or seem dumb to other people even if they think you’re easily taken advantage of. That used to be me. I’d always see the best in people before they’d turn around and screw me over. But I had a lot to learn then and I had to lear the hard way. And I’ll tell you. Patience probably saved my life.

5) I’ve figured out what I want and what’s important. And I’ve really figured out what I don’t want. it’s time to work on that plan now.

That is my life . I’ve figured out what I want and where I want to be. What I want to do. and believe it or not all that came from this corona Pandemic because before that I was not forced to sit with myself like this. And I guess that’s a whole lot of good coming from a whole lot of tragedy.

Promise I’m smiling on the inside but the sun was in my eyes 😂

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