Don’t be silent – speak up!

All that has happened these last few days has left many speechless and angry. It is heartbreaking that in these modern times we still face racism and abuse of power like that. In broad daylight. It’s being filmed. a man was murdered in front of the world to see. It’s horrifying!! And it’s a shame it took so long for the government to do anything about it. There is something seriously wrong with the governments.

Today was the day that all 4 of the police officers got charged for second degree murder.

It’s outrageous. What’s more outrageous and sad is that it’s been happening for so long and we been seeing racism happening from afar literally every day. It shouldn’t be ok and it shouldn’t be normal. It needs to stop. I can’t believe there is a system that have turned a blind eye to this for so long. It’s been there all this time. In our face . And nothing has been done. It’s disgusting that nothing has been done. I can’t comprehend how one human being feels entitled that he or she is more worthy than another human being!

A soul is a soul god dammit. Then if you choose to be an asshole that’s on you, but nobody should have to feel scared of the authorities that are there to help us and give us justice. We are not supposed to fear the police. Nobody! Why are there still police officers out there with a track record of violence like that? Why do they still have jobs ? Why are THEY STILL ACTING WITH VIOLENCE?? Why aren’t they named and shamed ? All of them?!

There are friendly protestors out on the streets getting hurt, and then there are others who react to what has happened with vandalism.

I think people act with rage and vandalism because they don’t know how else to react. where to put their anger, they are bleeding on the inside. Because it’s enough. I think they forget that in all of this they are causing damage to the people who owns those stores and those cars and motorbikes they set fire to.

I understand they act out of rage and anger . I don’t blame them. We should stand together , but I don’t think that destroying other people’s belongings are the way to go. i understand that I might never understand. But we are in this together . And we have to speak up. And the people needs to be heard. Donald trump needs to get off his chair and give it back to Barack Obama if that was possible. (I know that will never happen) but trump needs to be laid off And someone more warm and intellect needs to take over. I would say that America brought this on themself for voting for that asshole in the first place but this is not the time or place to be throwing the ball around like that. I believe that something greater is coming . And hopefully And finally all of this Will matter and the world will be a better place . I pray.

please help and please donate if you can. Sign petitions and share content with information and spread the word. Take care of each other , protect each other , don’t go destroying people’s properties. Share the love and unite . There is no more room for hate and hurt.

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