If you can’t be positive then stay home.

I know .its been a week. A week that has passed me in 0,5 seconds.

house hunting, visa issues, preparing for moving, chasing people, sorting life stuff out and dealing with every day stuff and managing My emotions to not explode over small things. Yeah. But all in all it’s been good.

(Blurry I know)

I think I stopped caring so much about anything lately. Anything that is not necessarily for my best intention that is. I think we sometime need a few moments to reflect and figure out where our focus is. I know many people that would have freaked out a long time ago and i am seriously impressed with my patience 😂

For me , this last week has purely been on fixing one personal problems, one after the other and getting stuff out of the way, and I came to realize, that I have my own issues to deal with and I am not emotionally able to be the person to fix everything for everyone else all the time and a lot of people take that for granted. (At least right now)

They think I’m always gonna be there to make them feel better. But that has to stop. I can’t always make sure everyone is happy and be the one carrying good energy For everyone to feed off. Because that’s what they do.

They always know I am the one with good energy and I am always up for having some fun. But this week I’ve been exhausted and not even energetically in the mood to go out and put on a face. And for some that’s hard to understand. how ridiculous is it that some people tend to get moody with you because you put yourself first? It’s ridiculous to me. So if some people wanna be upset with me because they can’t benefit from me when I put myself first then go ahead. I’ll talk to them later . 🤷🏼‍♀️

And when I finally went out and trying to enjoy my night.. well then I find myself sitting there assuring everyone else that they are fine and they are doing good and comforting everyone else.. when what I actually need is for people (people not in my closet circle) to leave their problems at home for a while and when they actually go out, to just actually try and focus on staying positive that night.

If you can’t be positive and a good influence then for fucks sake.:. Stay your ass at home.

and that’s all I wanted to say 😁 we good.

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