How the industry isn’t paying up and what happens now?

It’s been a discussion today (29th June 2020) about a lot of artists, DJ’s, musicians, presenters, influencers, freelancers and in general nightlife industry people aren’t being paid. And it’s been unspoken of for so long because the most of us are expats and we feel we have no rights and we are power less . With no function to have ours backs or to make it easy to get what we are owed. Today Dany Neville discussed this and I had to have a voice in that. The fact that someone from Radio and Nightlife in the UAE had the balls to bring it up is hats off for me and it’s been a topic that I know sooo many have been craving to talk about and to be heard or listened to.

This was the topics discussed.

And I couldn’t agree more. hats off . The question is .. what happens now ?

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