Any cool tech people out there who can answer this ?

Tried to occupy myself today with arranging my new wordpress setup and attempting to transfer this blog content to my wordpress hosting server So I can also transfer this domain there.. . and when I finally figured out how to do it there (via import on wordpress) it was of course an error with the wordpress software. Blah. In the process I had to open a new WordPress account as well, and I came to think of a new domain…

should it be the way it is or should I start a new blog (same content) with a new domain like camilla in Dubai instead ? What do you think?

The problem is that this page is hosted by godaddy. And the blogging options here are very limited and it’s a hassle every time I am writing a blog post and even uploading images takes forever and it feels like the system here is old and very slow. I prefer wordpress system and it’s even less of a hassle with that connecting Adsense and all that… so .. second question…

do I downlod the content of this blog first then import it to the new hostomg page ? Or has anyone actually done it the easy way via wordpress itself ?

and ps : if you got sent the Adsense pin 3 times already but didn’t actually receive the pin EVER, how can I get a replacement pin if there are no more options to get the replacement pin to verify Adress ??

this is also something that is bothering me so much. Without it it’s so annoying. So any cool tech people out there have an input in this ? Let me know 💃🏼🙏🏼

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