My heart bleeds for Beirut

I couldn’t believe my own eyes yesterday! I reached out to all my friends and made sure they are ok, some of them doesn’t know about their other close friends and some are missing family members. This is so horrific. I have been to Beirut so many times. I have been greeted with the kindest warmth and open hearts and it’s a beautiful culture and city and the people of Beirut are so humble and knows how to enjoy life. As many times Beirut has fallen and it will rise from the ashes again but this is so horrific.

My Intel source from Beirut tells me that they think it’s A certain other country (I don’t wanna point fingers here and name that until I am sure) who has bombed a storage where they keep weapons etc/ and this is what caused the massive explosion after the first bomb went off. I don’t know what to believe. The fact that this happened can not be unseen.

I pray for you Lebanon! In these times when we are dealing with world crisis and all you have been through with your country’s economic situation and world pandemic and now this. It must stop.

If you’re in Lebanon and can’t reach to a hospital :

Also all hospitals are in need of any blood type !! If you can , give blood!

You can donate financial help via :@muslimsoftheworld directly through their link .

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