Autumn… I welcome you

Yes summer is great, it’s awesome and wonderful and full of light and butterflies. But the fall, the fall is the most stylish season ! You can dress up and dress well and wear coats and scarves And best of all, BOOTS!!

I have a deep passion for ankle boots and this season… it’s flat ankle boots that matters.

All Bottega Veneta and Prada inspired just to name a few and I am dying to get my hands on them. How ever , we are living in uncertain times so to drop a thousands of whatever valuta you’re living with (in my case it’s Arab Dirhams ) on one pair(?!?!) , how about getting some for a budget price just as stylish?

Here are a few look-allies that are my favorites From my sponsored partner and you can judge on your own. Showing the branded first and the economy option after.

Thank me later 🙂 who else loves boots ?

She in: AED 98
She in : AED 112

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