I passed my medical terminology exam!

Ok folks! I have been so lousy with the updates lately . I haven’t had anything to say and I have been drowning in my own thoughts and everyday life that it has just slipped through my fingers! But here’s a little update for you!

I have studied so hard over the last few weeks and last night I had my medical terminology exam and I passed!! I was so stressed out over that. And I am so glad I am enjoying these classes and things are just floating on by itself. I am really impressed over myself and you know what?! That’s ok! Hell yes to that! I was never the kid who enjoyed going to school. In fact, when I left the gymnasium I was about 18 years old and I told my self that I was never ever gonna go back to school because I’ve had it up to my ears with teachers and classrooms and other students and all of that. Life is funny that way.

I guess it’s a different thing when you actually figured out what you wanna do and you have a passion for what you’re reading and studying. Your brain just absorbs the information so much easier when you Want to learn about it and you have a genuine interest. I am beyond fascinated!

And proud !! Very proud! This COVID has been bad in so many ways but it has also forced us to face a few things and forced us to look Into the mirror and handle life right now. Which is a raw and good above anything bad anyways. The good always wins! How bout that ?! 🤓

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