Dogs are Angels

I am 100% convinced That dogs are angels. I have no idea where I would have been today if my life hasn’t been filled with dogs and unconditional love from them. Rosco is my 7 year old frenchie. And recently he started bloating up and water got stuck in his stomach and we have been to the vet so many times and done so many tests and blood samples , ultra sounds and even talked about CT scans to figure out 100% what is going on. But yesterday the last ultrasound we did came back and my vet told me that it looks like it could be lymph cancer . And that if this is the case then there is nothing much we can do about it because it is spread to all of his body .

There is that and /or additional a clogged artery to the heart as well . So my little baby now have been drained from all this water for the second time and they emptied 3!!! Liters of water from his tiny body! Do you know how much water 3 liters is ? It’s 104,4 ounces …. look how skinny he is now 😩

All we can do now is to give him the best painless days until he lets go , when the day comes that he doesn’t wanna eat or jump up in bed with me I guess it’s time so say goodbye. This is the hardest discussion we have to make for them.

I don’t want my baby to suffer and maybe it’s selfish to say that I will wait? I guess there are a lot of opinions around this matter. But as long as he is not in pain, and he is eating and wanna go for walks. He is staying.

We don’t deserve dogs . They are there for us. They spend their lives waiting for us to come home and they give us so much therapy and love. They are our true angels . It’s unconditional love. They can’t talk but yet they speak to us. And I will be there for him every step of the way. We love him so much.

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