Obsessing over murder documentaries

Might be wrong to only call it women and murder documentaries because I know a fair amount of dudes who are obsessing over this too. I am not sure what it is about it that makes it so fascinating and interesting, and I can only speak for myself , but I can literally put on a Netflix show or a podcast that is about this and I can unwind and relax. Which is weird because .. murder …?!

I think for me , it has to do with when I grew up and during my childhood my mom would watch Jessica fletcher on tv and I would fall asleep to that in the background, so maybe I somehow find it comforting and relaxing and I took that with me in my adult life 😂 who knows . I think I must have seen every documentary on Netflix and Amazon prime about this.

And I have a long list of murder podcasts on my phone . I am obsessed over these things. so much that my Netflix has now turned Spanish because yes .. there are soooo many good shows and documentaries about this type of thing in Spanish too . Is it just me ?!

If you haven’t seen the night stalker yet … you must see it. And then you have to see the other documentary about Cecil hotel… and then there is that other documentary about the priest .. it was called father .something ….(forgot the name ) that shit scares you. It scared me . But still even with those things I can’t not NOT look . I’m weird like that. Also I can recommend Real Crime Profile with Laura Richards! Wow ! That right there is such an amazing podcast. You can’t miss it!

What are your favorite podcasts and documentaries ?

Feel free to let me know ! Cus I am out of everything / seen what is there now .. 😂

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