If you had a salt burgers then you know what I mean. But if you haven’t , let me lay it out for you!

Salt burgers is a food truck concept that came to Dubai a few years back. They do these super cute and Wagyu beef based burgers in slider style . One order comes with two burgers and well.. it’s super tasty. You can find salt in La Mer . Jumeirah Kite beach , Dubai mall , DIFC and… probably other places that I can’t list right now .. oh and yeah … they have a small salt burger boat in the gulf that can serve all the yachts around there ! I mean !! COOOME ON! It’s amazing!

In Dubai you can find a lot of good food and slider places . My list / ranking by choice from top to bottom (meaning bottom is still good ) is as follows :

1: Krush burgers (yes .. slightly better than salt when we talking the chicken Buffalo burger )

2: salt . The hook burgers with jalapeño is amaze!

3: Shake shack : solid number 3 ! Still so good .

4: GAGA burgers : great chicken burgers – spicy!

But I could literally do any of these burgers at any time. Yum!

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