It’s like life just tells you to sit the F down before you get too comfy!

It was a regular morning, I’m feeling good, just had a shower, I can feel that this day is going to be a good day. I am blow drying my hair, my shower was really Fresh, I’ve got my favorite podcast on in my ears and I have already had my morning workout and you know… everything is just perfect.

Not even one person or thing this day has managed to piss me off yet… (I say yet because usually idiots happen sooner or later rather I like it or not 😂) I am almost done and just about to put some makeup on. I put the foundation base and I reach for my favorite powders and open the container and I discover that all my powders are crushed 😭 that was ironic, I knew this day was going way too smooth for it to be perfect 😂 it’s like life has a way to put you back in your box 😂 don’t get too comfy!

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