Happy womans day yall!!

Just wanted to take this space and honor all the women in my life , my mom, for making my mind strong and growing my ego as wild as a mans ego, enough to drive away the weak men who can’t handle a woman like me 😂 and my grandmother , aunts , cousins and other women in my family for always showing up and knowing what strong is no matter what the battle .

And remembering love. And my girlfriends all over the world and all their power woman inspirations all over ! Women e powering other women is so important . We need to eliminate jealousy and visious thoughts. Focus on building confidence and not competition! ❤️ we need to teach our daughters to take their power and control ❤️ we need to teach our sons respect and how to be gentlemen ❤️ I am truly so blessed to have always been surrounded by such incredible strong and powerful women in my life! So I take this day to praise you all! Close and far ! Today I embrace all the woman that I am, and I celebrate you and how far we’ve come! Lots of love and happy woman’s day!

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