What happened to me?!

Right, so I am about 2 weeks away from my deadline and i think I nearly finished my papers for my hand-in for my psychology class (I am studying to become a medical secretary / sort of like a nurse but not a nurse)

I am able to take blood samples and set vaccines and do other small stuff at the hospital like, small minor surgery (like stitches and wound cleaning and removal of skin tags etc..) and urine samples and other tests in the Labratories etc ..

Not even sure if the word medical secretary is the correct English word for the title of what I will be when I am done, But anyhows! It also took a whole lot of Covid to push me in this direction and now I am already 6 months in my studies and half way to graduation. It’s a bit incredible ..

When I left school at 18 I swear I was never setting foot in another classroom in my life ever again. I was so fed up with teachers and school and grades back then. And now the irony, that I came up with this decision on my own and I am actually paying for it 😂

well… life is funny like that and here I am back in school and out of all things , I am going to work in a hospital, (or medical clinic, or med spa, private doctors office) ….with needles ?! and I used to hate needles. Back then, when my mom took me to have my blood drawn because I was sick a lot when I was a kid (flu, fever, ears, tonsils etc ) I used to faint and pass out in the doctors office because I was so scared … and now I am gonna work with it , by free will….. what happened to me😂

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