I’m the new ambassador for Kyveli womans wear!

I am really excited to share the news that I will be one of the Kyveli ambassadors this year! Kyveli is an international woman’s online fashion shop with base in Dubai, Lebanon, Cairo, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq and growing as we speak! How exciting is that?! I went to their HQ today and I didn’t have any expectations for anything, The best part is that Their prices are really good compared to the market and the quality is good too. I took home these crazy denim pieces and a bunch of other outfits we will shoot this week!

Not only can I show you some of the hottest trends every season and every month, but i also have a code for you guys so you can actually shop decent woman’s wear and a nice fashion collection, and have it delivered anywhere!

The code is CamillaXkyveli and it will give you and additional 10% discount on the entire collection! Shop here !! <—-


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