Dubai Flea Market

I totally forgot to tell you guys about this experience! I was , and I’m still in the process of decluttering and getting rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t need anymore as to I am relocating back home soon /or staying in the UAE depending on work etc. (haven’t decided yet) but . Stuff like Clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, etc ….

so Monica who’s a friend of a friend of mine, and I got together and teamed up at Dubai flea market with all our stuff. It opens at 8am. But you as a provider/ seller has to be there to set up your stand at 6am. And I am telling you.

There is liiiines and lines of people outside the gates at zabeel park already at7am. It’s a hysteria. So if you are ever gonna try this then be prepared! And people bargain. A lot, so if you expect to sell items that are expensive to a second hand and you were hoping to at least get some extra cash for that I’d recommend you sell it on e-bay or Dubizzle instead. The flea market is literally only for selling the things you really just wanna get rid of and if you’re not too bothered about what you end up going home with in value in terms of cash.

Most items sell for 5-10-15-20-25 dhs… and it’s a massive folk mass at the same time so keep your head cool and calm. 😂 we got there at 6 am and left at 1pm, we sold out. Apart from some items i decided not to sell there that I took with me back home. I’ll sell them online instead as I don’t wanna sell my Beloved designer dresses for 20 dhs! That would have been murder !

So how it works and how do you get to participate? You have to register online , there are 2 flea markets as far as I am aware of , it’s the zabeel park one, and one in silicon oasis. Once you register you pay 300 or 350 dhs for your license.. and you arrive on the day of your choice, early! And pick your spot to set up. All cash u make goes in your pocket! Simple as that! And your beloved items gets a new home ❤️

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