Collision with my dog… again

This seems to be happening to me a lot 😂 I’m excited to see my dog when I come home and he is exited to see me… but then we some how manage to collide in the greeting process and he is a hard headed little knob of bulldog 😂 Anyhow, it landed me a chopped lip and a trip to the hospital, seriously thought I needed stitches but luckily I didn’t 🙏🏼 he jumped up to me as I was bending down, was nobody’s fault.

Yep. Proper chopped lip right there🙈 Anyhows I’m fine! Got meds. The docs also gave me an injection. And the dog? Yeh he is a trooper , not a single scratch on him 😂 luckily all the bruising is on the inside … a small bruise on the outside only

We’re all good ❤️💪🏼

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