It feels good to be where I am

I’m so grateful being back up here and that I’m able to work at the same time. It’s the best feeling to be here, also the days just fly by, I have had 8 shifts in a row and I’m not even thinking about that as a hard thing, It almost feels like I’m not even going to work, it feels like I’m just going to another place for the day and then coming back home after.. (technically I am) I love it there. It’s the best feeling to feel that you belong somewhere. I learn so much from so many great people every day. And every day is different than the other. It humbles you. A lot!

It’s completely opposite from my life in Dubai, I’m fully aware of that. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Because here I can just be. I’m just someone who shows up and nobody expects anything from you other than the job being done at the end of the day. Things are done properly, things are on time, life is A4 and it’s stabile. It feels safe.

Back in Dubai in the fast lane you never know what’s gonna happen. You don’t rest. Most people are full of shit, It’s always something. I say that like it’s a bad thing (the fast lane) but it’s not. It’s just different. And I like things being in the fast lane! But I also like the secure stabile life here. You get my point? 😁my dream would be to balance the two. A little-bit of this and a little-bit of that. imagine!

My mind keeps going toward a nursing degree now… it’s a really huge gap and healthcare staff are needed, now more than ever. So yeah.. I’m playing with the idea, and it’s not impossible.. I’m only a medical secretary at the moment. I can sample blood tests and take your blood pressure, I can write the patient journals and I can do tests analysis in the lab. But I feel that my capacity is more than that. I’m curious to that opportunity, let’s see .

You never know what I’ll do, it feels good to be where I am. And I am truly grateful. I only ended up here because of Covid. I personally think that Covid came as a blessing in disguise for me as it hopefully did for many of others! I salute you!

stay safe and hang in there! things are escalating with the new variants and numbers are picking up again. Take care of yourselves and wear a mask and respect your fellow humans🙏🏼

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