“Just a Little decorations” she said

It’s getting closer to Christmas Eve and I’m helping my mom set the Xmas mood for the house. Altho we won’t put the decorations on the tree until Xmas Eve in this house, it’s tradition to us, but we will put everything else up today. And it’s a LOT of decorations.

On Christmas Eve it self we usually watch cartoons on tv and ring the Christmas in while I decorate the tree with my dad, that’s when my Christmas feeling sets in and I can feel the Xmas is here. It’s a thing I’ve had since childhood, I won’t really feel like Christmas unless I have that.

What are your traditions? What do you eat for Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and all the other days for Xmas? Do you have any special traditions? And do you celebrate with all of your family close and far? Tell me about them!

In Norway we usually eat pork belly, lamb chops (that are cooked in a special way) meatballs, all the veggies on the side, sausages and chicken, gravy and on top of that we have the coziest Christmas breakfasts as well all through New Year’s Eve.

We all get together on Christmas Day. And all we do is eat and spend time with our families and friends. I love Christmas. It’s so cozy to have everyone together like this.

But the best is yet to come cus we haven’t even started yet 😁 Stay tuned! First imma do this 👏🏼

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