Nido Tapas

Who’s in for tapas ? This weekend I visited Nido tapas at Sheraton grand on sheikh Zayed road and We had a sampler menu of everything! If you’re up for the sharing concept and delicious Food, get ready for Nido tapas!

It’s also the perfect location for a quiet family dinner but it also works out perfect for after work drinks on a Friday or in general early evening gatherings!

The staff is so nice and even the restaurant itself of beautifully decorated and you have a lot of instagram friendly corners in there!

The beef carpaccio, the fresh asparagus, the tuna and cheese balls are just a few of the items I tasted and they were so yummy, not to mention the goat cheese salad!

Don’t forget the dessert! They make a pretty mean crème brûlée!! ❤️

That’s a winner right there! And the empanadas!!! Don’t forget the empanadas!! The best empanadas in all of Dubai! And the dessert! Don’t forget the dessert! They make a really good crème brûlée!!

You can thank me later! Enjoy!

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